California Institute of Technology
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Justin Brown

Surendra Adhikari

Visitor in geophysics

Solid Earth Group, JPL
Ph.D., 2012, Geography, University of Calgary, Canada

California Institute of Technology
Seismological Laboratory
1200 E. California Blvd., MS 252-21
So. Mudd Building, Rm 262
Pasadena, CA 91125

Phone: (626) 395-
Fax: (626) 564-0715


My research interests, in general, revolve around the dynamics of Earth and Planetary ice masses. I use multimodel approach (including ice flow models of varying degrees of complexity, mass balance model, glacial isostatic adjustment model, hydrological model, and hydrofracturing model) to try and understand how glaciers and ice sheets evolve in a warming world. Presently, I work with Victor Tsai at the GPS to improve the glacial hydrological model, both in conceptual/theoretical framework and numerical implementation. Also, I work with Eric Larour and Erik Ivins at JPL to analyze the influence of solid Earth’s response on grounding line migration, and eventually on ice sheet dynamics. Further, I remain interested in several aspects of mountain glaciers (e.g., improving simplified dynamical and statistical glacier models; see my PhD thesis to find more about it