California Institute of Technology
Seismological Laboratory Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences



Below is a list of Ph.D. graduates from the Seismological Laboratory at Caltech beginning from 1950. Please report any inaccuracies or omissions to

Year Name Position Institution
1950 Peter Dehlinger Deceased University of Connecticut
1953 Robert Donald Forester - -
1954 Clarence R. Allen Deceased Caltech
1954 George G. Shor, Jr. Deceased UC San Diego
1955 Cinna Lomnitz Deceased National University of Mexico,
Mexico City
Allan Robert Sanford
Deceased New Mexico Tech
1960 Edward Flinn, III Deceased NASA
1961 Ari Ben-Menahem Professor Emeritus
(Comp. Sci. & Applied Math.)
Weizmann Institute
1961 John Helding Healy Deceased U. S. Geological Survey
1961 Robert Alden Phinney Professor Emeritus
Princeton University
1961 Stewart W. Smith Professor Emeritus
(Earth & Space Sciences)
University of Washington
1962 Don L. Anderson Deceased Caltech
1962 Robert Kovach Professor Emeritus Stanford University
1963 Shelton S. Alexander Professor Emeritus Pennsylvania State University
1963 David G. Harkrider Deceased Caltech
1963 M. Nafi Toksoz Professor Emeritus
(Earth, Atmos. & Planetary)
1964 Charles B. Archambeau Retired (Professor of Physics) University of Colorado
1964 Shawn Biehler Professor Emeritus (Geophysics) UC Riverside
1964 Armando Cisternas Professor Inst. de Physique du Globe
1964 John K. Gardner Retired UC Los Angeles
1965 Robert Victor Sharp Retired U. S. Geological Survey
1966 Lane R. Johnson Professor Emeritus UC Berkeley
1966 Ta-Liang Teng Professor Emeritus
(Earth Sciences)
University of Southern California
1966 Francis T. Wu Professor of Geophysics SUNY Binghamton
1968 Thomas L. Henyey Professor Emeritus Univ. of Southern California
1968 Richard J. O'Connell Deceased Harvard University
1969 Hartmut A. Spetzler Professor Emeritus University of Colorado
1970 Bruce R. Julian Geophysicist U.S. Geological Survey
1970 Paul G. Richards Professor Emeritus Columbia University
1970 Max Wyss Director World Agency for Planetary Monitoring
and Earthquake Risk Reduction in
Geneva, Switzerland
1971 Walter J. Arabasz Research Professor Emeritus (Geology and Geophysics) University of Utah
1971 James A. Cutts - Center for Space Microelectronics, JPL
1971 David P. Hill Geophysicist U.S. Geological Survey
1971 Charles G. Sammis Professor of Earth Sciences Univ. of Southern California
1972 Geoffrey F. Davies Professor Emeritus Australian National University
1972 Edward S. Gaffney President G.R.E.
1972 Thomas C. Hanks Geophysicist U.S. Geological Survey
1972 Wayne R. Thatcher Geophysicist U.S. Geological Survey
1972 Stephen H. Wolfe Monitor UPCAP UPCAP
1973 Thomas H. Jordan Professor of Geophysics University of Southern California
1973 Pierre H. Jungels Chief Executive Petrofina (UK) Ltd.
1973 Jean-Bernard Minster Professor of Geophysics Scripps Institute of Oceanography/UCSD
1973 James H. Whitcomb Retired, Program Director National Science Foundation
1974 Ralph W. Alewine, III - DARPA/NMRO
1974 Hon. Rex Gibbons Retired Newfoundland, Canada
1974 Peter L. Lagus - Lagus Applied Technology, Inc.,
Escondido, CA
1974 Hsi-Ping Liu Deceased U. S. Geological Survey
1976 Charles A. Langston Professor of Seismology and Earth Structure, Director of the Center for Earthquake Research and Information University of Memphis
1977 Lawrence J. Burdick Deceased -
1977 Robert J. Geller Professor Emeritus University of Tokyo
1977 Robert S. Hart Entrepreneur -
1977 John Dugan O'Keefe Deceased -
1978 David M. Hadley VP of Engineering Quinton Instrument Co.
1978 Thomas H. Heaton Professor Emeritus Caltech
1978 James A. Hileman - -
1978 Dan D. Kosloff Professor of Geophysics Tel Aviv University
1978 George R. Mellman VP of Research Insightful Corp
1978 Emile A. Okal Professor Emeritus Northwestern University
1978 Susan A. Raikes Independent Geophysical Consultant British Petroleum
1978 Seth A. Stein Professor Northwestern University
1979 Rhett G. Butler Director-Hawaii Inst of Geophysics & Planetology University of Hawaii, Manoa
1979 Wai-Ying Chung Associate Professor of Mathematics/Physics Rust College
1979 Raymond Jeanloz Professor, Dept of Geology and Geophysics UC Berkeley
1979 Carl E. Johnson Fellow BAESytems, Spectral Solutions, LLC, Honolulu
1979 Jose A. Rial Professor of Geological Sciences Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1979 Carlos Salvado - Rockwell International
1980 David M. Cole - -
1980 Allen Gillespie Professor of Earth &
Space Sciences
University of Washington
1980 Gregory A. Lyzenga Professor of Geophysics/ Member, Technical staff, JPL Harvey Mudd College, CA
1981 John Cipar Geophysicist U.S. Air Force AFGL/LWH
1981 John E. Ebel Professor, Director,
Western Observatory
Boston College
1981 Joanna M. Vizgirda - Amigos Energy, Dallas
1982 Larry J. Ruff Professor of Geological Sciences University of Michigan
1982 Gordon S. Stewart President Pacific Geophysics, Inc.
1983 Eric P. Chael Seismologist Sandia Nat. Lab.
1983 Stephen N. Cohn Dir. of Network Anal. BBN Communications
1983 Keith A. Echelmeyer Deceased University of Alaska, Fairbanks
1983 Thorne Lay Professor of Earth Science UC Santa Cruz
1983 Hsui-Lin Liu Research Scientist Schlumberger-Doll Research
1983 James C. Pechmann Research Associate Professor University of Utah
1983 Marius S. Vassiliou Member Technical Staff Rockwell International Science Center
1983 Terry C. Wallace Director Los Alamos National Laboratory
1984 Edward J. Corbett - -
1984 Mark B. Boslough Member Technical Staff Sandia Nat. Lab.
1984 Jeffrey W. Given Senior Staff Geophys. Science Application International Corporation
1984 Marianne C. Walck Supervisor, Geophysics Sandia Nat. Lab.
1985 Thomas M. Hearn Associate Professor New Mexico State University
1985 Eugene D. Humphreys Professor University of Oregon
1985 Ronan J. Le Bras Senior Geophysicist Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Org.
1985 Patricia F. Scott - -
1986 Holly K. Eissler Given Executive Director, IODP Science Support Office Scripps Institution of Oceanography
1986 Stephen Grand Professor University of Texas, Austin
1986 Mark A. Richards Professor University of Washington
1986 Sally M. Rigden-Hill Manager, Operations and Resources Molecular Mining Corp., Canada
1986 Christopher O. Sanders - Microsoft
1987 Luciana Astiz Research Scientist UC San Diego
1987 Heidi B. Houston Professor of Earth Sciences
University of Southern California
1987 John N. Louie Professor of Seismology Univ. of Nevada, Reno
1987 Janice Regan Senior Lecturer Simon Fraser University, Canada
1987 Douglas R. Schmitt Professor and Endowed Chair Purdue University
1987 David R. Scott Financial Analyst Deutsch Bank, London
1987 John E. Vidale Professor, Director of Southern
California Earthquake Center
University of Southern California
1988 Phyllis H. Ho-Liu - -
1988 Manfred A. Lange Director Westfalische Wilhelms Universitat, Munster, Germany
1988 Christof Stork Entrepreneur, Research Associate Halliburton Inc.
1988 Robert F. Svendsen, Jr. Professor of Mechanics University of Dortmund, Germany
1988 Jiajun Zhang Deceased -
1989 Marcus Bursik Professor of Geology SUNY Buffalo
1989 Carol A. Polanskey Member Technical Staff JPL
1989 Carol Prentice Geologist U.S. Geological Survey
1989 Stephen L. Salyards Programmer Analyst Supervisor UC Los Angeles
1989 Richard Stead Research Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory
1990 William W. Anderson Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory
1990 Allison Bent - Dept. of EMR, Canada
1990 J. Huw Davies Professor Cardiff University, Wales
1990 Olafur Gudmundsson Professor Uppsala University
1990 Shawn Larsen Group Leader Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab.
1990 L. Victoria LeFevre - -
1990 Harold Magistrale Prinicipal Research Scientist FM Global, Boston
1990 Gregory H. Miller Professor, Applied Numerical Algorithms Group UC Berkeley
1990 Hua-Wei Zhou Margaret S. Sheriff Professor of Geophysics University of Houston
1991 Robert Graves Research Geophysicist US Geological Survey
1991 Lorraine Hwang Associate Director, CIG UC Davis
1991 Scott D. King Professor of Geophysics Virginia Tech
1991 Frank Webb Technical Staff JPL
1991 Lian-She Zhao - Molecular Dynamics Sunnyvale, CA
1992 Andrea Donnellan Scientist JPL
1992 Thomas S. Duffy Professor of Geosciences Princeton
1992 Sally McGill Professor of Geological Science Calif. State University, San Bernardino
1992 Catherine L. Smither Entrepreneur Seattle, WA
1992 David J. Wald Supervisory Research Geophysicist U.S. Geological Survey, Golden, CO
1992 Bradley B. Woods - Woodward Clyde Consultants
1992 C. Bruce Worden Geophysicist U.S. Geological Survey, Pasadena, CA
1992 Yu-Shen Zhang Research Scientist UC Santa Cruz
1992 Douglas S. Dreger Professor of Geophysics UC Berkeley
1993 Lisa Grant Ludwig Professor Public Health UC Irvine
1993 Kuo-Fong Ma Professor National Central University, Taiwan
1993 Linda R. Rowan Director of Govenrment Affairs American Geological Institute
1994 Edward J. Garnero Professor Arizona State University
1994 Xiaodong Song Professor University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1994 Paul J. Tackley Professor ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
1995 Weishi Huang Senior Software Engineer Cisco Systems, Inc.
1995 Monica D. Kohler Research Professor in Mechanical and Civil Engineering California Institute of Technology
1995 Laura E. Jones Sr. Research Associate Cornell University
1995 Shingo Watada Research Associate ERI, University of Tokyo
1996 Sharon Kedar Research Scientist JPL
1996 Hong Kie Thio Seismologist URS Corp.
1996 Wenbo Yang Senior Engineer Schlumberger Reservoir Completions Ctr.
1997 Guangking (George) Chen - -
1997 Xi Song - Green Hills Software, CA
1998 Xiaoming Ding Principal Technologist Razorfish, Inc.
1998 Craig Scrivner Computer Systems
Central Washington University
1998 Lianxing Wen Professor State University of New York at Stony Brook
1998 Blair Zajac Strategic Project Lead Akamai Technologies
1998 Lupei Zhu Professor of Geophysics St. Louis University
1999 Kathleen Holland Analyst Xontech (contracting company)
1999 Miriam Jackson Research Scientist Norwegian Water Resources &
Energy Department
1999 Cangli Liu Researcher/Deputy Director Southwest Inst. of Fluid Physics, China
1999 Timothy Melbourne Professor Central Washington University
1999 Jascha Polet Professor Cal Poly Pomona
1999 Igor Sidorin - Deutsche Bank
2000 Emily Brodsky Professor of Geophysics UC Santa Cruz
2000 Jeanne Hardebeck Geophysicist U.S. Geological Survey
2001 Magali Billen Professor of Geophysics UC Davis, CA
2001 Leo Eisner Researcher Inst. of Rock Structure and Mechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences
2001 Julie Nazareth Lecturer, Dept of Physics Cal Poly, Pomona
2001 Sidao Ni Professor of Geophysics USTC, China
2002 Chen Ji Professor of Geophysics UC Santa Barbara
2002 Anupama Venkataraman Geoscientist Exxon-Mobil
2003 Joseph Akins Registered Nurse Keck Medical Center of USC
2003 Shengnian Luo Director and Professor of Physics The Peac Institute of Multiscale Sciences, China
2003 Matthew Pritchard Professor of Geophysics Cornell University
2003 Patricia Persaud Assistant Professor Geology Louisianna State University
2004 Javier Favela Aeronautical Engineer Lockheed, Palmadale
2004 Rowena Lohman Associate Professor Cornell University
2004 Brian Savage Associate Professor of Geophysics University of Rhode Island
2005 Jane Dmochowski Teaching Faculty University of Pennsylvania
2005 Kaiwen Xia Professor University of Toronto
2005 Bill Keller Chief Geophysicist, Director Geoscience Technology EnerVest, LTD
2006 Anita Ai (Huirong) - Geomechanics International
2006 Ying Tan - -
2006 Qinya Liu Associate Professor University of Toronto
2006 Debbie Smith Physical Scientist U.S. Geological Survey, Pasadena, CA
2006 Eh Tan Assistant Research Fellow Academia Sinica, Taiwan
2007 Zhimeh Yan Research Geophysicist WesternGeco
2007 Alex Song Lecturer University College London
2007 Vala Hjorliefsdottir Research Professor Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
2008 Eun-Seo Choi Associate Professor University of Memphis
2008 Chris Dicaprio Petrophysicist Imperial Oil, Calgary, Canada
2008 Nathan Downey Scientist Sandia National Laboratory
2008 Min Chen Deceased  
2009 Yoshihiro Kaneko Associate Professor of Geophysics Kyoto University, Japan
2009 Carl Tape Associate Professor of Geophysics University of Alaska Fairbanks
2009 Ozgun Konca Assistant Professor of Geophysics Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, Boğaziçi University, Turkey
2009 Daoyuan Sun Professor, School of Earth Sciences University of Science and Technology of China
2009 Shengji Wei Assistant Professor, Division of Earth Sciences Earth Observatory Singapore
2010 Ravi Kanda Research Fellow Utah State University
2010 Lijun Liu Professor University of Illinois, Urbana
2010 Sarah Minson Scientist U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA
2011 YoungHee Kim Professor Seoul National University
2011 Michelle Selvans Planetray Geophysicist Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
2011 Sonja Spasojevic Scientist British Petroleum
2012 Laura Alisic Software Systems Engineer JPL
2012 Daniel Bower SNSF Ambizione Fellow University of Bern
2012 Ting Chen Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory
2012 Caitlin Murphy Policy Analyst National Renewable Energy Lab
2013 Thomas Ader Sr. Geotechnical Engineer ARUP
2013 Lingsen Meng Associate Professor University of California Los Angeles
2013 Francisco Ortega Assistant Professor University of Chile
2013 Kristin Phillips-Alonge Geophysicist DTRA
2013 Jeffrey Thompson Senior Staff Scientist Geosyntec
2013 Zhongwen Zhan Assistant Professor Caltech
2014 Sara Dougherty Senior Seismologist Karen Clark & Company, Boston
2014 Yihe Huang Assistant Professor University of Michigan
2015 Dongzhou Zhang Beamline Scientist
University of Chicago/University of Hawaii
2016 Brent Michew Assistant Profesor MIT
2016 Junle Jiang Assistant Professor University of Oklahoma
2016 Yiran Ma Desk Strategist Morgan Stanley, NYC
2016 Hilary Martens Assistant Professor University of Montana, Missoula
2016 Dunzhu Li Quantitative Researcher Citadel LLC
2016 Asaf Inbal Faculty Tel Aviv University
2017 Bryan Riel Research Scientist MIT
2017 Semechah Lui Assistant Professor University of Toronto, Canada
2017 Natalia Solomatova Post-doc University of Lyon, France
2017 Chris Rollins Seismic Hazard / Geodetic Modeller GNS Science, New Zealand
2017 Yingdi Luo Post-doc JPL
2018 Stephen Perry Geophysicist Washington, D.C.
2018 Daniel Bowden Post-doc ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
2018 Kangchen Bai Associate Morgan Stanley, NYC
2018 Xiaolin Mao Deep Learning Researcher Tupu Technology
2019 Rachel Morrison Geoscientist ExxonMobil
2019 Vishagan Ratnaswamy Post-doc Sandia National Laboratory
2020 Voon-Hui Lai Post-doc Australian National Uiversity
2021 Valère Lambert Post-doc UC Santa Cruz
2021 Jorge Castillo Castellanos Seismic Monitoring Engineer Google