California Institute of Technology
Seismological Laboratory Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences


Preliminary Program


Thursday, November 10, 2022

Morning Session
The Earthquake Machine
Measuring earthquakes and earthquake physics

Invited Speakers:

Ryo Okuwaki (University of Tsukuba)
Title: Accounting Epistemic Uncertainty in Earthquake Source Inversion: Investigating Complex Rupture Processes

Alice-Agnes Gabriel (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and University of California, San Diego)

Diego Melgar (University of Oregon)
Title: Geophysical modeling meets paleoseismology: can we know the details of past Cascadia earthquakes?

Open Discussion with Panelists and Symposium Participants

Discussion Leader: Valère Lambert (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Afternoon Session
Planet Earth
Composition, structure, and dynamics of the earth’s interior

Invited Speakers:

June Wicks (Johns Hopkins University)
Title: Chasing transport properties in the deep earth: new experiments to measure thermal conductivity and viscosity

Juliane Dannberg (University of Florida)
Title: Subducted Slabs, Mantle Plumes, and the Plate Tectonic Cycle

Sunyoung Park (Unversity of Chicago)
Title: Earth's response to deep earthquakes: new insights into mantle viscosity structure

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Seismological Laboratory

Friday, November 11, 2022

Morning Session
Geophysics and Climate
Ice, ocean, and the near surface of a Dynamic Earth

Invited Speakers:

Brent Minchew (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Title: What the future may hold for ice sheets and our understanding of them

Zhongwen Zhan (Caltech)
Title: Seismic monitoring of the hydrosphere

Ben Hamlington (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Title: Emerging Golden Age for Satellite Measurements of Sea Level and the Need for More

Open Discussion with Panelists and Symposium Participants

Discussion Leader: TBD

Afternoon Session
Fluids inside the Earth

Invited Speakers:

Zach Ross (Caltech)
Title: Evidence for latent crustal fluid diffusion transients in California

Wenlu Zhu (University of Maryland) 
Title: The role of fluid pressure in mechanics of faulting and earthquakes

Robin Matoza (University of California at Santa Barbara)
Title:  Volcano seismo-acoustics: from local to global scale observation and monitoring systems

Open Discussion with Panelists and Symposium Participants

Discussion Leader: David R. Shelly (United States Geological Survey)

Symposium Banquet
The Athenaeum
Banquet Speaker: Dr. David Zierler (Caltech)
Title: The Heritage of the Seismological Laboratory