California Institute of Technology
Seismological Laboratory Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences


Past Brown Bag Seminars


Lei Qin USC

DATE: November 20, 2019
TOPIC: Monitoring crustal properties in the top ~100 m, using seismic, meteorological, oceanic and pore pressure data
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Michael Bianco UC San Diego

DATE: November 13, 2019
TOPIC: Machine learning in geophysical tomography: review and prospects

**Special Day, Monday, November 11, 2019**

Ceri Nunn JPL

DATE: November 11, 2019
TOPIC: Standing on the shoulders of Apollo: Past and Future Lunar Seismology
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DATE:October 16, 2019
TOPIC: Does a damaged-fault zone mitigate the near-field ground
motion?—Lessons from the 2018 M 7.5 Palu earthquake
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Scott DeWolf Clemson

DATE: September 24, 2019
TOPIC: Designs and Performance of New Optical Fiber Tilt and Strain Instruments

Alex Webb University of Hong Kong

DATE: September 18, 2019
TOPIC: From mantle to biosphere, Himalayan duplexing in a new framework
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**Special Seminar **


DATE: Wednesday,August 28, 2019 (12:00pm)
TOPIC: Quantitative Evaluation of Compositional Origins of Ultralow Velocity Zones

**Special day Friday, June 21, 2019**

Min Chen Michigan State University

DATE: June 21, 2019
TOPIC: Lithospheric foundering and underthrusting imaged beneath Tibet

**Special time 11:00am - 12:00pm**

Felix Rodriguez Cardozo Universidad Nacional Autonoma Mexico

DATE: March 13, 2019
TOPIC: The Bárðarbunga volcano cyclic behavior, observed through seismic moment tensor inversions

Nader Shakibay Senobari UC Riverside

DATE: January 16, 2019
TOPIC: Advances in earthquake similarity search: mining large seismic data sets from central and northern California
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**Special Day and Time-Thursday, December 6 at 1:00pm**

Wu Wei Nanyang technological University

DATE: December 6, 2018
TOPIC: Laboratory investigation of injection-induced seismicity

**Special Day-Monday, December 3**

Qiu, Hongrui USC

DATE: December 3, 2018
TOPIC: Multi-scale imaging and monitoring fault zones in Southern California abd the surrounding structures in the upper crust

**Special Day-Monday, November 26**

Erdal Safak Bogazici University,Turkey

DATE: November 26, 2018
TOPIC: Earthquake Early Warning system for Istanbul, and changing needs of engineers for seismic design

Jiashun Hu Caltech

DATE: November 14, 2018
TOPIC: Slab Subduction and Craton Evolution in South American -- Implications From Data-oriented Geodynamic Models

Robert Graves and SusAn Hough USGS

DATE: October 31, 2018
TOPIC: The 1933 Long Beach Earthquake: Ground Motions and Rupture Scenario

**Special Day-Monday, October 22-Two Talks**

Pawan Bharadwaj MIT

DATE: October 22, 2018
TOPIC: Focused Blind Deconvolution of Seismic Signals
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Mukuhira Yusuke Tohoku University

DATE: October 22, 2018
TOPIC: Dependency of the injection induced seismicity b-value on the stress state of existing fractures 
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**Special Day-Thursday, October 18**

Hayashi, Koichi Geometrics/OYO Corporation, San Jose, CA

DATE: October 18, 2018
TOPIC: Use of web-base database to reduce uncertainty associated with geophysical investigations
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Kyungjae Im Penn State

DATE: September 19, 2018
TOPIC: Permeability evolution during the seismic cycle

**Special Seminar **

VURP STUDENTS (Shengxing zhang, Shi Wang, and Junhao Song)

DATE: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 (11:45am)
TOPIC: Various

HIROYUKI NODA (Kyoto University)

DATE: August 29, 2018
TOPIC: Dynamic earthquake sequence simulation of a fault in a Maxwell-viscoelastic medium: Does viscous flow promote slow earthquakes?

Brandon Schmandt University of New Mexico

DATE: August 1, 2018
TOPIC: Seismically anisotropic magma reservoirs underlying silicic calderas
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Chunquan Yu Caltech

DATE: June 20, 2018
TOPIC: Depth determination of the 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake sequence

Xin Wang Nanyang TechnologicalUniversity Singapore

DATE: June 13, 2018
TOPIC: A preliminary community shear-wave seismic velocity model of Mynamar

Victor Tsai Caltech

DATE: May 30, 2018
TOPIC: The melting of glaciers

**Special Day- Monday, March 12, 2018**

Sylvain Michel University of Cambridge

DATE: May, 2, 2018
TOPIC:Interseismic coupling and Slow Slip Events on the Cascadia megathrust, Implication for Seismic Hazard and SSE dynamics

Miguel Gonzalez-Herraez Universidad de Alcala, Spain

DATE: March 12, 2018
TOPIC: Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS): principles, limitations and novel techniques

Quentin Brissaud CALTECH

DATE: February 14, 2018
TOPIC: Development of a numerical method for wave propagation in a coupled fluid/solid medium to study seismic events and explosions

**Special Day/Time Monday, February 5, 2018 from 11:00am-12:00pm**

Gary Glesener Virginia Tech

DATE: February 5, 2018
TOPIC:The value of teaching with physical analog models

**Special Day- Monday, January 29, 2018**

Lina Yamaya University of Tokyo

DATE: January 29, 2018
TOPIC: Changes in the 3-D S-velocity structure of the D" region beneath Central America and the Caribbean inferred by waveform inversion after redetermination of the source parameters

Alex Schubnel CNRS Laboratoire de Geologie de L'ENS (Ecole Normale Superieure)

DATE: January 24, 2018
TOPIC: Rupture processes during laboratory earthquakes



**Special time 11:00am-12-00pm**

Jerome Neufeld University of Cambridge

DATE: November 15, 2017
TOPIC: Rapid supraglacial lake drainage: the poroelastic response of subglacial sediments

Martin Karrenbach Optasense LTD

DATE: October 11, 2017
TOPIC: An Overview of Distributed Acoustic Sensing Applications

Sue Hough USGS

DATE: September 27, 2017
TOPIC: Seismic moment release in California: missing recent earthquakes or overestimated past earthquakes?

Mitsuyuki Hoshiba Japan meteorlogical Agency

DATE: September 20, 2017
TOPIC: 'Ten years’ experience of nationwide Earthquake Early Warning in Japan'

**Special Seminar **

VURP and surf STUDENTS (Yida li, Fan, Wu, Tyler Perez, and Timothy Liu)

DATE: August 23, 2017
TOPIC: Various

**Special Day Monday, July 17 at 12:00pm**

Anne Davaille Universite Paris-Sud

DATE: July 17, 2017
TOPIC: Exploring the Morphology of the Earth oceanic ridges and Venus rifting with laboratory experiments using colloidal dispersions

Sylvain barbot Earth Observatory of Singapore

DATE: May 31, 2017
TOPIC: From Fault to Full Lithosphere Dynamics Modeling

Sue Hough USGS

DATE: May 17, 2017
TOPIC: A half-century of induced earthquakes in the Los Angeles Basin?

Alex Robel Caltech

DATE: May 3, 2017
TOPIC: Towards a Theory of Deglacial Meltwater Pulses: Understanding the Timing and Magnitude of Past Jumps in Sea Level

Heresh Fattahi Caltech

DATE: April 26, 2017
TOPIC: InSAR time-series estimation of the ionospheric phase delay    

Zachary Ross Caltech

DATE: April 12, 2017
TOPIC: Using GPU clusters to detect millions of small earthquakes in southern California with template matching

Men-Andrin meier Caltech

DATE: April 5, 2017
TOPIC: How 'good' are real-time ground motion predictions from earthquake early warning systems?

Giovanni occhipinti aka NINTO- Universite Denis Diderot

DATE: March 15, 2017
TOPIC: No Magnituse, No Glory: The recent history of Ionspheric Seismology from Sumatra 2004 to Chile 2015 through the revolutionary observations of Tohoku-Oki 2011

Kangchen bai Caltech

DATE: March 08, 2017
TOPIC: Seismogenic zone depth control on the likelihood of fault stepover jumps

Han Yue Caltech

DATE: February 1, 2017
TOPIC: Artifacts in back-projection images from water reverberation phases

Rachel Morrison Caltech

DATE: January 25, 2017
TOPIC: Equations of state of Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-Si alloys at extreme pressure

Han Yue Caltech

DATE: January 11, 2017
TOPIC: 2016 Mw 7.1 Kumamoto Earthquake Sequence: how the rupture starts and stops


Lucas Pimienta ENS Paris

DATE: December 7, 2016
TOPIC: Effect of fluids on the elastic properties of sedimentary rocks

AGU Caltech

DATE: November 30, 2016


DATE: November 23, 2016
TOPIC: Higher-order cross-correlations (C3) to image the Earth from the crust to the core

Kenny Buyco Caltech

DATE: November 16, 2016
TOPIC: How Engineers Design Tall Buildings in Earthquake-Prone Areas: Performance-Based Seismic Design

Ryan Witkosky Caltech

DATE: November 2, 2016
TOPIC: Thermal hyoersoectral airborne imaging of active faults in southern California

**Special Day Tuesday**
Korea Meteorological Administration

DATE: November 1, 2016

**Special Day Thursday, OCTOBER 27, 2016
Qingkai Kong UC Berkeley

DATE: October 27, 2016
TOPIC: New seismic data from MyShake smartphone seismic network

Jack Muir Caltech

DATE: October 26, 2016


david Bercovici YALE

DATE: October 19, 2016
TOPIC: Trembling and (maybe) choking in volcanic eruptions

Emma hill Earth Observatory Singapore

DATE: October 4, 2016
TOPIC: Recent work on the Mentawai patch of the Sumatra subduction zone

VURP STUDENTS (Zeyu Jin, zhi Li,Weiyi LIU, and Yaoyi Wang)

DATE: September 7, 2016

yanbin Wang

DATE: August 3, 2016
TOPIC: Seismogenic faulting in mantle transition zone – a laboratory perspective

Shengji wei

DATE: July 5, 2016
TOPIC: Refining fault geometry with broadband waveform modelling for medium size earthquakes

S. Mehran Hosseini USC

DATE: June 29, 2016
TOPIC: A probabilistic approach to injection-induced seismicity assessment for different reservoir types and pressure-diffusion models

Shunta Noda USGS Menlo Park

DATE: May 25, 2016
TOPIC: Self-similar and deterministic properties of earthquake rupture – New insight and its application to early warning

Daniel Bowden

DATE: April 27, 2016
TOPIC: Rayleigh Wave Site Amplifications - from Long Beach to USArray, and the connection to engineering hazards

Chris Rollins

DATE: March 16, 2016
TOPIC: Loading rates on thrust faults beneath Los Angeles: towards a geodesy-based picture incorporating the effects of sedimentary basins

**Special Day Tuesday, February 2, 2016**
Ting Yang

DATE: February 2, 2016
TOPIC: Dynamic topography and the role of lateral viscosity variations from inversion of global mantle flow

Semechah lui

DATE: January 27, 2016
TOPIC: Rapid assessment of earthquake source characteristics and rupture properties

Raul Castro

DATE: January 13, 2016
TOPIC: Delayed Dynamic Triggered Seismicity in Northern Baja California, Mexico Caused by Large and Remote Earthquakes


**Special Day Tuesday, December 1, 2015**
Rachel morrison

DATE: December 1, 2015
TOPIC: A high-precision iron-nickel equation of state

Lingling ye

DATE: December 2, 2015
TOPIC: Large Deep Earthquakes

**Special Day Monday, December 21, 2015**

Miao Zhang USTC

DATE: December 21, 2015
TOPIC: An effective method for small event detection and its applications

**Special Day Tuesday, November 17, 2015**
Natalia Solomatova

DATE: November 17, 2015
TOPIC: Equation of state and spin crossover (Mg,Fe)O at high pressure

Men-adrin Meier

DATE: November 4, 2015
TOPIC: Evidence for and Implications of a Transition from Crack-like to Pulse-like Rupture at M4-5"

maxime farin

DATE: October 28, 2015
TOPIC: Experimental study of granular flows dynamics and associated seismic signal

hiroyuki Noda Jamstec

DATE: October 14, 2015
TOPIC: Dynamic earthquake sequence simulations with a microphysically based rate- and state-dependent friction law incorporating pressure solution creep

**Special Day Tuesday, July 21, 2015**
James boles (ucsb)

DATE: July 21, 2015
TOPIC: Fault-related Mantle Helium, Los Angeles Basin, California

Paul Young (University of toronto)

DATE: July 22, 2015
TOPIC: Laboratory studies of induced seismicity and earthquake scaling

Justin Ko (Caltech)

DATE: June 24, 2015
TOPIC: Seismic Evidence for the Depression of D" Discontinuity beneath the Caribbean

**Special Day- Thursday**

Susan Hough (Caltech)

DATE: June 11, 2015
TOPIC: Ground motion and damage from the 2015 Gorkha, Nepal earthquake: the M7.8 dog that didn't bite.

Dirk Smit (Shell Oil Company)

DATE: May 20, 2015
TOPIC: A Lower Carbon - Higher Energy Future. Some Challenges to Industry, Academia, Society.

Bryan riel (Caltech)

DATE: May 13, 2015
TOPIC: The collapse of Bardarbunga Caldera, Iceland

Lars Stixrude (University College London)

DATE: May 6, 2015
TOPIC: Molten Earth: Silicate Melt in Deep Interior

Brent Minchew (Caltech)

DATE: April 15, 2015
TOPIC: Glacier flow over deformable beds

Vishagan Ratnaswamy (Caltech)

DATE: March 11, 2015
TOPIC:Mantle Flow Models Constrained by Plate Motion: A Linear Bayesian Inverse Uncertainty Quantification Problem

**Special Time** 2:00 - 3:00pm Tuesday

Yihe huang (Stanford)

DATE: March 3, 2015
TOPIC:Detecting induced seismicity and its magnitude-frequency distribution

Susan Hough (USGS)

DATE: February 25, 2015
TOPIC: A Century of Induced Earthquakes in Oklahoma

Dunzhu Li (Caltech)

DATE: February 18, 2015
TOPIC: Adjoint method in mantle convection

Asaf Inbal (Caltech)

DATE: February 11, 2015
TOPIC: A Inference of deep creep on the San-Jacinto Fault near Anza, CA, from joint analysis of strain and aftershock data

**Special Seminar**

wenhui yu (China University of geosciences)

DATE: February 6, 2015
TOPIC: A Rheology of Outer Core

pierre dublanchet (ETH Zurich)

DATE: February 4, 2015
TOPIC: Mechanical environment of a complex multiplet

**Special Seminar**
Oliver Tschauner (University of Nevada, Las vegas)

DATE: Tuesday, January 27, 2015
TOPIC: What does natural bridgmanite tell us about the lower mantle?

Claudia Roosli (ETH Zurich)

DATE: January 14, 2015
TOPIC: Stick-slip motion and moulin tremor observed with seismic measurements on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Ting Yang (Caltech)

DATE: January 7, 2015
TOPIC:A slab avalanche event beneath Sundaland since the Early Miocene


Sebastien Allgeyer (ANU)

DATE: December 10, 2014
TOPIC: Numerical Tsunami Simulation Including Elastic Loading and Sea Water Density Stratification

daniel bowden (Caltech)

DATE: December 3, 2014
TOPIC: Amplitudes in Ambient Noise: Amplification, attenuation, and scattering in Long Beach

Hilary Martens (Caltech)

DATE: November 5, 2014
TOPIC: Using ocean tidal load response to explore the elastic structure of the Amazonian Craton

Ken Hudnut (USGS)

DATE: October 15, 2014
TOPIC: Fault surface rupture in the South Napa, CA earthquake (M 6.0)

Mark Brandon (Yale)

DATE: August 6, 2014
TOPIC: The Evolution of the Retro-Side of the Alpine Wedge, Switzerland, as Resolved by Structural Thermochronology

Susan Hough (USGS)

DATE: July 23, 2014
TOPIC: On the dependence of ground motions on stress drop: implications for induced earthquakes, earthquake early warning, and seismic hazards

Semechah Lui (Caltech)

DATE: June 4, 2014
TOPIC: Effect of postseismic creep on earthquake triggering

Gene Humphreys (University of Oregon)

***SPECIAL DAY: Tuesday, June 3, 2014***
DATE: June 3, 2014
TOPIC: Slab Flattening and Foundering in the Extreme: The young growth of a craton and Flood Basalt excitation below the Western U.S.

Junle Jiang (Caltech)

DATE: May 28, 2014
TOPIC: Coseismic seafloor deformation of 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake inferred from near-field tsunami records

Gregor Hillers (ISTerre)

DATE: May 29, 2014
TOPIC: Fault zone trapped noise and fault zone reverberations

Bryan riel (Caltech)

DATE: May 21, 2014
TOPIC: Detecting and modeling transient deformation signals in geodetic time series

Stephen Perry (Caltech)

DATE: May 14, 2014
TOPIC: Towards Reconciling Magnitude-Invariant Stress Drops with Dynamic weakening

Yiran Ma (Caltech)

DATE: May 7, 2014
TOPIC: The crust and uppermost mantle structure of Southern Peru

Sarah Stewart (Harvard)

DATE: May 1, 2014
TOPIC: Shock Vaporization of Iron: Implications for the Origin of the Late Veneer

Ray Wells (USGS)

DATE: April 9, 2014 at 4:00pm
TOPIC: Yellowstone Hotspot Transit Across Oregon

Sarah Minson (Caltech)

DATE: April 2, 2014
TOPIC: Diverse approaches to earthquake early warning: A talk in three acts

Ming Hei Cheng (Caltech)

***SPECIAL DAY: Monday, March 31, 2014***
DATE: March 31, 2014
TOPIC: New Applications That Come From Extending Seismic Networks into Buildings

Shengji Wei (Caltech)

DATE: March 19, 2014
TOPIC: Cut-and-Paste the broadband seismograms for earthquakes in real velocity structure

Brent Minchew (Caltech)

DATE: March 5, 2014
TOPIC: Basal mechanics of Icelandic ice caps

Chris Rollins (Caltech)

DATE: February 26, 2014
TOPIC: Mechanisms of Postseismic Deformation Following the 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake

Romain Jolivet (Caltech)

***SPECIAL DAY: Thursday, February 20, 2014***
TOPIC: A Bayesian exploration of creep along the Central San Andreas Fault from InSAR and GPS data

Olafur Gudmundsson (Uppsala University)

DATE: January 23, 2014
TOPIC: Some thoughts about refinements of event locations in an earthquake catalog


pierre Dublanchet(IPGP, France)

DATE:December 18, 2013
TOPIC: Effective Behavior of a heterogeneous rate-and-state interface

Weitao Wang (CEA-IGP)

DATE:December 4, 2013
TOPIC: Irregular Signals caused by non-uniform noise source in NCF observed in South west China

Men-Andrin Meir (ETHZ)

DATE: November 20, 2013
TOPIC: Can Earthquake Early Warning be fast enough for Northridge-type events?

Surendra Adhikari (Caltech)

DATE: November 27, 2013
TOPIC: Future evolution of the Antarctic bed topography and its implications for ice sheet dynamics

Susan Hough (USGS)

DATE: November 13, 2013
TOPIC: Anatomy of Earthquake Damage Distributions

Hilary Martens

DATE: September 18, 2013
TOPIC: Triggering of microearthquakes in Iceland by volatiles released from a dyke intrusio

Yihe Huang

DATE: August 29, 2013
TOPIC: Earthquake ruptures modulated by waves in damaged fault zones

Brandon Schmandt, UNM

DATE: July 17, 2013
TOPIC: Multiple fluvial processes detected by seismic and infrasound monitoring of a controlled flood in the Grand Canyon

Sara Dougherty

DATE: May 1, 2013
TOPIC: Seismic structure in central Mexico: Possible fragmentation of the subducted South Cocos plate

Jeffrey Thompson

DATE: April 24, 2013
TOPIC: Down the Drain: Viscoelastic Effects During Supraglacial Lake Drainage

Brent Minchew

DATE: April 17, 2013
TOPIC: Subglacial mechanics of Iceland ice caps: Inferences from surface velocity measurements and numerical models

Ravi Menon, UCSD

DATE: April 10, 2013
TOPIC: Applications of Random Matrix Theory in Ambient Noise Interferometry

Brendan Crowell, ucsd

DATE: March 27, 2013
TOPIC: Using GPS and Seismogeodetic Data for Earthquake Early Warning

Shiqing Xu, USC

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
TOPIC: Refined understanding of dynamic ruptures and off-fault yielding patterns, with applications to laboratory experiments and natural earthquakes

Yehuda Bock, UCSD

***SPECIAL DAY: Monday, March 18, 2013***
TOPIC: Prototype Earthquake, Atmospheric and Structural Early Warning System Using Seismogeodesy

Junle Jiang

DATE: March 13, 2013
TOPIC: Detecting the Depth Limit of Large Earthquakes using Microseismicity at Depth

Kenneth W. Hudnut, USGS, Pasadena

DATE: March 6, 2013
TOPIC: Real-Time GPS; system status and how to access streaming data

Thomas Ader

DATE: February 27, 2013
TOPIC: Step and frequency response of rate-and-state seismogenic faults to shear stress perturbations

Philip Skemer, Washington University in St. Louis

DATE: January 23, 2013
TOPIC: Deformation of the Upper Mantle: Experimental and Geological Perspectives

Kaiwen Xia, University of Toronto

***SPECIAL DAY:Tuesday, January 22, 2013***
TOPIC: Rock Dynamics Study Applied to Earthquake Physics

Fan-Chi Lin

DATE: January 16, 2013
TOPIC: Seismic interferometry and tomography: from surface to core

Sarah Minson, U.S. Geological Survey, Univ. of Washington

***SPECIAL DAY:Tuesday, January 15, 2013***
TOPIC: Real-Time Finite Fault Slip Models From High-Rate GPS


Qi-fu Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

DATE: December 12, 2012
TOPIC: Deep tectonic deformation of the Longmenshan Fault zone: Seismological Observation and Simulating interpretation

Hiroyuki Noda, IFREE, JAMSTEC, Japan

***SPECIAL DAY: December 13, 2012***
TOPIC: Earthquake sequence simulation of a multi-scale asperity model following rate and state friction - occurrence of large earthquakes by cascade up vs. own nucleation

Jan Harms, LIGO, Caltech

DATE: November 21, 2012
TOPIC: Measuring terrestrial gravity perturbations with gravitational-wave detectors

Wenzheng Yang

DATE: November 14, 2012
TOPIC: Tectonic Crustal Stress Field and Style of Faulting Along the Pacific North America Plate Boundary in Southern California

Dr. Wang, Institute of Care-life, China

***SPECIAL DATE & TIME: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 11:00 a.m.***
TOPIC: The development of earthquake early warning system in China since the Wenchuan earthquake

Gilead Wurman

DATE: October 10, 2012
TOPIC: Building an Earthquake Warning System from the Ground Up

Kevin Mayeda

***SPECIAL DAY: Thursday, July 26, 2012***
TOPIC: Ground Motion Prediction and Source Scaling Validation: A Test Using the Wells, Nevada Sequence

Georgia Cua

DATE: June 6, 2012
TOPIC: VS and EEW developments in Europe

Jeffrey Thompson

DATE: May 30, 2012
TOPIC: Transmission of Tidal Stresses in Ice Streams: Is the controlling process internal or external to the ice stream?

Francisco Ortega

DATE: May 23, 2012
TOPIC: Analysis of the Post-seismic Deformation of the Great 11 March 2011 Tohoku-Oki (Mw 9.0) Earthquake: Implications for Future Earthquake Occurrence

Lingsen Meng

DATE: May 9, 2012
TOPIC: Preliminary results of the recent Sumatra event

Zhongwen Zhan

DATE: May 2, 2012
TOPIC: Earthquakes with anomalously steep dip in the source region of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake and possible explanations

Junle Jiang

DATE: April 11, 2012
TOPIC: Long-term Seismic Behaviors of Faults with Heterogeneous Compressive Stress

Sara Dougherty

DATE: March 7, 2012
TOPIC: Seismic structure in central Mexico: Implications for fragmentation of the subducted Cocos plate

Lapo Boschi

DATE: February 22, 2012
TOPIC: Mediterranean tomography: dynamic topography, anisotropy, plate motion

Naveed Near-Ansari

DATE: February 15, 2012
TOPIC: CITerra/Fram Introduction and User Meeting

Susan Hough

DATE: January 4, 2012
TOPIC: Missing Great Earthquakes


Essam Heggy

DATE: November 9, 2011
TOPIC: Exploring Fossil Aquifers Using Sounding Radar: Implication for Understanding Deserts Paleoclimate and Hydrological Cycle

Louis Moresi

DATE: October 12, 2011
TOPIC: Intuitive Numerical Modelling in Structural Geology and Tectonics

Danielle Sumy

DATE: September 28, 2011
TOPIC: The Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulting in the southern Gulf of California

Christian Pelties

DATE: September 21, 2011
TOPIC: Modeling 3D dynamic rupture on complex fault systems with a high-order Discontinuous Galerkin method

Daoyuan Sun

DATE: August 17, 2011
TOPIC: Rolling Hills of Primordial Material on the Core-Mantle Boundary

Kara Matthews

DATE: August 11, 2011
TOPIC: The tectonic fabric of the ocean basins

Fan-Chi Lin

Wednesday, June 22, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: Surface wave tomography with USArray

Caitlin Murphy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: The Measured Phonon Density of States of Iron to 1.7 Mbar, and what it tells us about Earth's Core

Kristin Phillips and Jeffrey Thompson

Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC (Phillips): Structure of the Subduction System in Southern Peru from Seismic Array Data
TOPIC (Thompson): David versus Goliath: Exploring How Small Perturbations in Ocean Tides Influence the Motion of Massive Ice Streams

YoungHee Kim

Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: Distribution of hydrous minerals in the subducted Cocos oceanic crust, Mexico

Mark Simons

Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: March 11, 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake

Susan Hough

Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: Ground Motions in Port-au-Prince during the 12 January 2010 Earthquake: Forensic Analysis of a Dancing Battery Rack

Lingsen Meng

Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: High Resolution Array Processing for Earthquake Source Studies at Regional Distance

Michelle Selvans

Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: Deep Structure in Rifted Crust at the Ocean-Continent Margin in the Northwestern Ross Sea

Dongzhou Zhang

Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: Orthopyroxene: A Transitional View of the Phase Transition

Laura Alisic

Wednesday, February 9, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: Slab Stress and Strain Rate as Constraints on Global Mantle Flow

Zhongwen Zhan

Wednesday, February 2, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: Zhongwen's Chinese New Year Summary on Ambient Seismic Noise


Bin Chen

Tuesday, December 7, 2011, 12:00-1:00pm
TOPIC: Synchrotron X-ray Spectoscopy and Microtomography for Studying Earth and Planetary Interiors