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Welcome New Graduate Students

Located primarily in the Seismological Laboratory, the Geophysics Option in the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences provides unique opportunities for graduate students to excel in academics and engage in cutting-edge research.  The Seismo Lab welcomes four new graduate students, from left to right in the photo, Kangchen Bai, Albert Chan, Xiaolin Mao and Trisha Roberson.

Xander Zheng Kangchen Bai (B.S. Geochemistry, Nanjing University) is interested in studying computational seismology to understand dynamic rupture processes, seismic wave propagation in the earth, and related natural hazards. When asked why he chose Caltech, Kangchen responded, "Caltech possesses pioneering faculty in seismology and a relatively free atmosphere for you to find your coworkers. That's why I chose Caltech."

Albert Chan (B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has had previous careers in teaching and patent law, and performed research at Binghamton University in experimental petrology regarding partitioning of chlorine in synthetic amphibole. Al has a broad range of interests in geology and geophysics, and would like to focus his research on the deep Earth, specifically the dynamics and structure of the lower mantle and core.  "I chose Caltech and the Seismological Laboratory because of their historical contributions to our understanding of the Earth and their commitment to science and research."

Xiaolin Mao (B.S. Geology & M.S. Geophysics, Nanjing University) is entering the program with a background in Geology and Geophysics, with previous research experience in understanding the rheology, structure, and evolution of the lithosphere and evolution of the mantle. With a strong interest in quantitative interpretations of geological events at different timescales, Xiaolin seeks to connect mantle convection with plate tectonics and earthquake nucleation during his graduate studies.

Trisha Roberson (B.S. Honours Physics & Philosophy, University of British Columbia) has done research working on the Canadian Strong Motion Seismic Array at Earthquakes Canada, with UBC's Seismic Laboratory of Imaging and Modeling, and at ConocoPhillips working on data analysis transforms. In addition to Geophysics, Trisha has also done short research projects in theoretical astrophysics and condensed matter, as well as experimental cosmology. Trisha is interested in conducting research in seismology during her graduate studies.

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