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Yuval Tal

Francesco Civilini

Post Doctoral Scholar in Geophysics

Ph.D., 2018, Geophysics, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

California Institute of Technology
Seismological Laboratory
1200 E. California Blvd., MC 252-21
So. Mudd Building, Rm 257
Pasadena, CA 91125

Phone: (626) 395-3074
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My main research objective is to expand the scientific return of future planetary missions through the development of machine learning algorithms for lander-side signal assessment, focusing on the Moon and Europa. The development of these methods has the potential to aid in the solution of large-scale seismological questions on missions to distant planetary bodies, where strict power limitations drive the recording, on-board analysis, and telemetry of data.

Here on Earth, I am developing algorithms for detecting and locating Long Period Long Duration signals at geothermal fields, which have been attributed to superposition of slow shear-slip events on large faults during stimulation. Prediction of how pre-existing faults and fractures shear in response to hydraulic stimulation can help optimize field operations and improve recovery. In addition to these topics, I also have experience in site response seismology and ambient seismic noise interferometry.